Friday, July 31, 2009

E- Breaking records

It was a great time for a holiday. Three consecutive days above 30
degrees in Vancouver as well as the two hottest days on record at 33.9
celcius.....and no end in sight. On Thursday the kids and I swam at
Lighthouse park with the camp in the morning and then with hundreds
others at Maple beach in the afternoon. We floated out on our tubes
for about forty-five minutes in bath like water.

Camp Bob 2009

Camp Bob 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

E-Hot hot hot

For Vancouver it has been freakishly hot. Usually the sprinkler feels
like an ice cold punishment to me...even if the kids seem to be okay
with. Today was so hot the I was happy to join the kids on the
trampoline with the sprinkler going..... But I can't say my that I
showed as fine form on the bum drop as Finny did in this picture.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I am so proud to be able to go away with my girls and have them behave so well. Other than not being able to prepare food for themselves, they are pretty much totally self sufficient......and fun to be with. Today we spent about two hours in the water, swimming out to the island (with lifejackets), between docks (without), sailing, tubing, watersking on the board and the kids' favourite... Booze cruising. They willingly put on sunscreen and lifejackets and helped with dishes and wood piles. They even went to the "quarter potty" by themselves without complaint. Girls you made the trip great....and the 78 degree water didn't hurt either.

E-late night dip

Friday, July 24, 2009

E-A long way home

It started as an adventure exploring a new way back from the beach and
at Lily Point with the Ibbetsons and ended as an endurance test 5km
later. The walk was a lot further and rockier than I anticipated, so
it took some perseverance for everybody to get back to the car. Luc
fell asleep on Les' lap near the end. The bonus was finding some cool
cliffs to play on and a beautiful warm windless afternoon.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sure, I can put a price on your love...

As you can see by the posts below, Eric and the girls are on a father/daughter adventure up to the Sunshine Coast. That leaves Lukey and me here in the city with our own stuff to do.

Midway through the day, which I spent poking around the house and doing idle things on the computer, Lucas finally pulled me down to his level and told me that he missed the girls. Apparently, I am not the companion treat that I thought I was...fair enough, since I had probably only glanced in his direction once in twenty minutes. A far cry from the cacophony of noise that is normally his soundtrack. It may have been a little *quiet* for his taste.

When the girls called to say goodnight, Lukey wanted his turn to talk. He told both of the girls separately that he missed them.

Molly's response: "Oh, buddy, I miss you too."

Finny's response: "How much, Lukey? How much do you miss me?"

Typical, really. I liked Lukey's answer, though: "Three dollars, Ninny." And when she came back with a puzzled, "What?", he upped his price. "Me miss you five dollars, Ninny."

Finny burst into laughter. I can see how I am a pale stand-in for his normal sister love.

The best kind of find

Ginger, my first webkin, was here at Sakinaw Lake. I haven't seen her
for over a year. Yeah!!!!! Molly

E-tooth Lost

After dangling in Molly's mouth for days, her second big tooth finally
gave up the fight while eating at Wendy's on our trip to Sakinaw.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

E-Some days we are more useful than others

For the most part fire fighters need to wait around before they are able to do their job. And when we are called on it usually means that something bad has not being needed is actually a good thing for others. We all need to feel relevant though, and last week we got exactly that. The tones went off at 2:30 for a rubbish fire, not the type of thing you get all that excited for. In fact it is pretty easy to get non-chalant and question why we need full turn out gear on for that. When we pulled up to the flaming garbage can however, the driver noticed smoke pouring out of a garage two homes back. He stepped on the federal and air horn and threw the truck in reverse. The noise woke up the 5 people in the house and sent them scurrying out the windows to avoid the smoke filled hall.

Luckily we were all prepared in our turnout gear and wearing our scba because we needed to act fast. An off gassing propane tank was rapidly spreading the fire in a garage and basement filled with junk. I hand bombed a hydrant while my partner tried to extinguish the fire. After about 10 minutes we were able to get the fire knocked down and the tank taken out to the yard without doing too much damge to the house. It was a good lesson in never ttaking a minor call for granted and always being aware of your surroundings.

We went to Lily Point with Rob and Mielle and their kids today. It was gorgeous down there. The kids explored in the tidelands and swung on the rope swing while the adults drank beer and sat by the fire that Eric had rekindled from the night before.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Splashdown Park

Today we went to Splashdown park. It was really fun. Going on the slide with the tubes was the best. I liked going in the "Blackhole". Molly + Finny

When the waterslides closed, we picked up a White Spot Beach Pack and hit Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen. We went for a walk.