Sunday, November 28, 2010

Playing cars with Lucas on rainy November morning.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I really love having many of our family memories recorded on our blog but admit to finding it challenging at times.  Finding the time to sit down and write is the hardest part. However I also go through stages of feeling like I have lots to say and share, to times when I can't believe I am posting again about the kids and me going for a skate or to the park.

The tough part is that life is cyclical and every year we tend to repeat mostly the same patterns while hopefully adding a few new things to our lives. Blogging is easy the first time we do's new, it's memorable, it's easy to want to record and share. However, after a few years of blogging, and it has now been five for us, many of the things we are in the habit of doing have already been blogged about.

I have recently bought my first MacBook and have started editing video for a basketball project I am working on. I am hoping to finally get organized enough to put video on the blog and feel like it is a way to add something new.  On the topic of Apple, I can't believe the difference in my experience buying a Mac vs a PC.  The HP laptop I first bought didn't come with any type of manual or even any paper that told me what my warranty was.  It didn't include the software I needed and offered little support that I could see.  The support I got at Apple was incredible.  The sales/training people (there had to be at 20-30 in the store) spent all the time I needed to make sure that I was getting the right computer for me.  I then paid $99 for a year of OnetoOne support which has tons of videos and articles, small group training sessions on numerous topics, free computer set-up, personal projects where staff help people with their projects and one on one sessions.  On top of this, the Macbook seemed really intuitive and came out of the box with exactly the software I needed.   The store was crawling with people and couldn't help but get me excited about Apple stock again, despite their long run-up of share price.

Perhaps this sounds negative but day after day of rain in November tends to make me seek some adventure beyond getting soaked on the way to the car. Therefore it's probably not a coincidence that my first blog in ages comes in the midst of a freak cold snap where we got a few inches of snow. Molly, Luc and I headed down to the school to meet Molly's friend Maya and built a large snowman.

As we were playing in the snow I couldn't help but be drawn to the spectacle of the 10 high school boys playing tackle football , some of whom were wearing only T-shirts and shorts. As I stood there on my two artificial hips, looking after three children, I couldn't help but think how much has changed in my life from high school when there was little I would want more than to play tackle football with my friends. I guess it has been almost twenty years.  Although I really miss playing sports now, there isn't much of me that wants to be playing frozen football any more.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Picasa Experiment

Yes the blogging has been weak lately....but maybe we'll get some new inspiration from the ease by which we can post photos from Picasa. This experimental collage from our scavenger hunt this summer probably took less time than pictures used to take us to upload.
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