Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chillin' at the Point

Best part of Spring Break? Long days in Point Roberts. Long sleep-ins, long lunches (sort of mixed with breakfast), long play sessions outside. Long nights of movies and reading. 

These two little people below could sit in their own chairs to play Wii, but they sit together. 

Molly got it into her head that she was going to learn to flip on the trampoline. She worked hard.

She didn't learn to get all the way over onto her feet, but she made some serious progress. Until she lost her nerve mid-flip one time and pulled out of the turn...onto her face. She sustained a nasty scrap on her nose. Poor girl. Since then, she hasn't been able to get over her fear. Her body stops her from turning. She'll keep working at it...after a psychological break...

Finny had a similar facial mishap. She ran into the slack line in the yard and scraped her forehead. Just getting warmed up for the bumps and bruises of summer.

We took some walks...something we never do in town. In fact, I sort of hate walking. Strangely, throw sand and rocks down and chuck an ocean to one side and I like it. Especially with good company. Sheila, Beth, the kids and I walked up the beach from my parents' place. It was cold, but clear and beautiful.

The kids are just happy to go anywhere with dogs. We had Scout, Gracie, Hattie and Duff with us. And wherever the dogs went, a kid was right behind.

In the picture below, you can sort of see two eagles at the top of that tree. They were big enough and menacing enough that Sheila picked up wee Scout, just in case she looked like an eagle snack.

Unstructured, down time. It's my favourite way to spend days with my family.

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