Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Evening walk to Menchies...

Somehow, even though we live two blocks from Menchies, we have only walked down after dinner once before for frozen yogurt deliciousness...

So, we figured we were overdue for a visit. 

Finny's was easily twice as full as her siblings' cups
An after dinner walk was a true treat. It makes me appreciate the neighbourhood. There were tons of people out on a nice mild night and Menchies was lined up nearly out the door.

Maybe it isn't a bad thing that we are out of town for most of the summer...otherwise, we might have to start a separate Menchies fund...it's tasty, but it isn't cheap.

But how can you resist that little face...?!


One of the neatest events in this year's track season is the Pentathlon hosted by Ocean Athletics in White Rock. The kids travel together through five events. It is a great chance to get to know some of the girls in your age group and hang out all day with your own team. 

Getting instructions for shot put
Most of us managed to get burnt under the deceptive cloud cover. Molly and Lukey were really patient...Lukey even managed to get in some long jump training. Who knew those teeny, tiny calves could give the little guy hops?

Team Canada 2022, here we come...
Finny did a great job. She has really dedicated herself to track this year. She tries so hard at everything she does. As a consequence, she has really improved her results over the track season. She had her best long jump and hurdle results yet.

She finished 8th in her field and we were very proud of her effort.

While I headed off to the Mini School 40th Anniversary party (with an absolutely wicked sunburn on my neck/shoulders...it actually still hurts. My worst adult burn, for sure), Eric stuck around with the kids to see Finny called up to accept her ribbon. Only the Top 8 got ribbons, so she was very happy to squeak on out.

There's only one event left in the season and somehow Finny has convinced her grandfather to take her to Nanaimo to compete. The truth is, her devotion to learning each event has more than earned our support of her new love. I hope we have many years of track and field meets in our future.

Sports Day 2013 -- Red Triumph!

Sports Day is a much anticipated event in our house. 

Which might make you think I stockpile awesome red items all year (since the kids have been on Team Red for all six years we have been at the school). I don't. I seem to forget every year until the night before the big day and then madly scramble to cobble together all things red and wear-able.

This results in very uneven Red Team uniform success. 

Biking to school on Sports Day

How do you like the red tie...for the formal wear portion of the event

The cheers this year were excellent. I knew Red was up for a big 2013 as soon as I head the solid taunts in our cheer.

Our mood was high and we were feeling confident.

There were only 11 kids on their mini team, so our family formed almost a third of the cadre. Another good omen.

Sure enough, after a full day of events (and another year avoiding the disastrous 9:30 hot dog lunch slot), we were elated to find the Red Team cruised to an easy victory in 2013. It was our year.

The kids barely noticed the sprinkling rain and still worked up enough of a sweat competing that popsicles were very welcome. And Sophia didn't hold a Green Team grudge against Finny. They were still friends at the end of the day.

And so were Mielle and I, even though poor Blue Team has lost for at least the last 4 years...maybe 2014, guys.

Not this year, though. 2013 was all Red.

Our Birthday Girl

I have never in my life met anyone as in love with birthdays as Finny. We hear about her birthday for months as it approaches. The countdown for her June birthday begins as soon as Christmas is over. This fastidious timekeeping is excellent for Finny's math skills. It's slightly less good for those of us who are subjected to the perpetual birthday clock.

The thing is, Finny doesn't just love her own birthday. She loves ALL of our birthdays. One of the things she always asks for from my mom for her birthday is wrapping paper, cards and tissue paper so she can wrap all of our gifts the rest of the year. She is the MOST thoughtful gift giver. And always self-sourced. For a little kid depending on her own resources, she comes up with some creative and resourceful gift ideas. 

The truth is, it is this incredible kindness around the rest of the family's birthdays that makes me feel incredible pressure around providing Finny with the celebration she deserves. 

She started her birthday morning with a cupcake in bed. Our bed. Because she wanted to officially turn nine cuddled in between her parents. 

We will be finding icing sugar in our bed for the rest of our lives. 

I packed her a special lunch for school. She opened a present before she left for school: a scarf from Ivivva. I noticed that she also made herself a paper crown to put around her hair bun. She isn't subtle...

After school, we grabbed Finny's good buddy Sophia and headed down to the Aquarium for a couple of hours before it closed. 

Nine year old blowfish
 Finny provided us with a detailed list of wished for gifts. It included: a high jump bar, a camera strap, books, a mono-fin and mermaid tail for swimming (don't ask...), and $9.11 to pay for the new Scaredy Squirrel book (she has already saved up $3).

We convinced her that she would feel better about the Scaredy Squirrel book if she continued to save on her own. My mom bought her the mono-fin. Eric and I headed to Home Depot and spend most of the day while the kids were at school on Finny's birthday constructing a high jump bar out of PVC pipes. I think we have a picture, but I will have to hunt it down. I picked out some books, a couple of games and the camera strap. Phew. List success.

Finny had parties at Mandy's house and at my parents' house. I neglected to take any pictures of the delicious meal my mom made for Finny's and my dad's birthday party, but suffice to say, we were spoiled. We only managed to get this tiara shot:

Julie and Uncie came through with very kind gifts...new running shoes and the shampoo and conditioner that makes Julie's hair smell in the way Finny loves. 

If there is any sweet spirit that deserves three birthday parties (her friend party has been delayed by bad weather, but we won't get away with that for long...it WILL be scheduled), it's this girl.

I can't wait to see what our nine year old is capable of...because the eight year old hit it out of the park.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

50th Anniversary of Delta Fire Department

Les and I left the kids with Judy and headed out to Ladner to a giant barn to celebrate the 50th anniversary of becoming a professional department with about 350 other members and spouses.

It was a once in a career night to have so many of the people I work with together in one place. It was a great night, despite having to be up for work first thing the next morning.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bare Bones Theatre

Congrats to Les for a very successful debut run with Bare Bones Theatre group.

Running into our high school drama teacher Fred Galloway (Les and I actually first met in his class back in grade 9) at a UBC basketball game last winter, somehow lead to Les getting back onto the stage for a couple of nights playing the psychiatrist on 'Stay Carl stay'.

It's incredible how quickly Les is able to take on and memorize a role, and how comfortable she is on stage. Really, you'd have a hard time believing it unless you saw it with your own eyes.

Les was great, the play was funny and the packed house went home happy. The only difficult part of the night was convincing Lukey that the actor who dropped the "F" bomb wasn't evil and that it was okay to talk to him after the show.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

random shots

Lukey with his new visor...a birthday present

Finny and Sophia sleepover

Dog days...