Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hydrant Girls

The fire department in Point Roberts set a challenge this summer. They wanted all the fire hydrants on the Point to be, they set up a contest that provides paint and brushes for free from the local hardware store and asked residents to get creative. We can't pass up an opportunity like that...

First job yesterday was to scrape our chosen hydrant clean of paint flakes and cobwebs. We sent these two intrepid explorers to the hydrant with old BBQ tools to prep.

Next step is paint it white to get it ready for our design of...a sock monkey.

More updates to come...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013

Camp Days

Mum and I picked up the girls from camp today. The same camp that I went to, my mum went to, my aunts went to and Eric's mum went to...three generations of GBC.

The girls bravely headed off for two weeks of camp. For them, it was the great unknown. I was very proud of their courageous and positive spirits embarking on something so new.

They had a great time. There were kayaking, sailing, swimming and the polar bear dip. Following in their mother's footsteps, they went for a swim in the lake every morning before breakfast. If you don't miss one, you get an award. There were only six this session, campwide. Two are coming home with us.

Here is Finny in front of her cabin:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

E- Questionable diet day

With Les away for 6 days picking up the girls from camp, Lukey and I are getting some serious father son time together.  Like a lot of 6 year old boys (and I guess 39 year old ones too), Luke loves playing sports and games. 

Today we spent pretty much the whole day playing.  Because I had returned home late from my Police and Fire basketball team practice in Blaine, and stayed up even later talking with Brady, I slept in for a bit. Lukey very considerately and patiently entertained himself playing Wii vacation for an hour. 

After a quick bite to eat, Lukey decided (honestly it wasn't me) to do a basketball workout in the drive way. I think he loves the music playing (he dances a bit during some of the ball handling and dribbling drills) and that I bribe him with a sour key when he's done. 

After he finished that, we played a best of 3 series of "In the Bank"shooting game. 

Les and I are very clear that we write this blog for ourselves, and for our kids to look back on when they are old enough to be interested in what their childhoods were like. 

At the same time we  realize that lots of our family and friends also read it, which is great. As I write this however, I have nagging need to explain that I'm not a crazy pushy parent. This day really was lead by Luke. Sure, I may have introduced him to a few ideas like working out, but he really loves sports and wants to improve. 

As soon as he was finished his basketball workout, Luke decided to do a street hockey workout, which included this slideboard. 

The early afternoon was spent in playing in our yard, on the trampoline and running on the grass. Lukey, feeling a little faster these days, decided he wanted me to time him sprinting around a course in the yard.  He kept going and going. 

The result was that he crashed, in the middle of our conversation, on the drive into town, sour key in hand. 

He managed to recover in time for a quick bite to eat at the Arbutus Club before we headed to the UBC game versus Rice University from Texas. 

Luke, who brought his own money for a snack, decided he wanted a Snickers, just like his uncle Joey eats before games. 

Our last stop was for a late night blizzard before going to Vanier Park for the fire works. We had a great day and Lukey was a fantastic companion. I can't remember him whining or complaining once. He is positive, energetic, friendly, fun to hang out with....just a great all round guy.