Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Goalie is Born

Somewhere in the course of this year, we got a goalie. Slowly, oh so slowly, he has let the goalie part of his brain take over the rest. The 10,000 Youtube videos about goalies ("Five Minutes of Happy Goalies" anyone?"). The countless hours spent with goalie pads on, with mask on, with catcher and blocker. Watching Canucks goalies and mimicking their every move during a game.

Oh, it happened.

He was Player of the Month for Hockey 4 (they only got to pick one player this it was a nice honour).

Here's our boy:

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bball programs in 2015

At Split Second Basketball, 2014 was a really exciting year of change. Although our regular coaching staff, mostly comprised of former professional, university players plus current UBC Thunderbirds stayed pretty much the same, we did have one big game-changing addition.  

After a career that spanned: 

  • 2 CIS national championships 
  • 10 years and 2 World Championships with the Canadian National Team
  • 19 seasons playing professionally  in Europe (with too many league championships and MVP awards for me to list)

Joey Vickery finally retired this year and joined us to coach in Vancouver.  

Joey really is BEST PERSON in the world I can imagine to teach young players.  Not only is he one of the best shooting guards to ever represent our country (at only 5'9" tall), he also is fantastic with kids. He's got an infectious enthusiasm that the kids pick up on. He lives and breathes basketball and gives all of himself to help kids really improve. We are grateful to have him join us in Vancouver. 

With Joey's arrival, we added new programs to our schedule. 

If you're in the Vancouver area and know players who are looking for some top-level coaching, please share these classes with them: 

Boys and girls Grades 5-12
Sunday afternoons January 18th - March 8th, 2015
Fortius Sport and Health

Boys and girls Grades 2-9 
Saturday afternoons January 17th - June 6th, 2015
St George's Junior School

Girls Grades 3-9
Friday nights January 23 - June 5th, 2015
Crofton House School

Saints students Grades 2-8
Saturday mornings January 17th- June 6th, 2015
St George's Junior School

Split Second Basketball gives ordinary athletes a chance to be extraordinary basketball players by teaching them habits that enable them to execute a Split Second ahead of their competition. 

Our programs focus on teaching the technical details that players need in order  to develop these habits and playing fun competitive games to test their skills.