Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mazatlan December

Well, it turns out this is now mostly a vacation blog. We feel the most guilty about not updating the blog when we are on holiday, apparently. Because here I am, as I have been so many times before, blogging in a hotel room.

We felt the need for a break this year...maybe because we didn't have our November trip like in the past. No dose of sunshine for 3+ weeks as we have in other years. With Molly AND Finny in high school, it seems like those trips are harder and harder. So, we had to steal the kids away (well, not Finny...she was already on Christmas break) for the last week of school to head to some sunshine in Mexico. 

A quick four hour flight and we were by the beach. 

The land of tacos (although, I have to say...while these tacos were photo-worthy, they were madly spicy. Something I put on there BURNS. These were not happily consumed. They were mostly discarded and reattempted...and there's the beauty of all-inclusive buffets!). 

Sure, a week isn't very long, but some vitamin D, downtime on the beach and delicious drinks on the beach does somehow feel like medicine in the middle of December. It may not be exotic, adventurous or culturally challenging...but it feels so good.

We came down with three of our coaches: Eric, Kevin and Connor. We have logged some time in the reclining chairs, hit the buffets and played a bit of volleyball.

Finny was super keen to get her hair braided and Molly decided to do the same. I don't think either of them realized how tight they would have to pull to get those rows straight, but I think they'd both say it was worth it.

Especially impressive for Finny, who would have lost her mind on me if I'd pulled that hard...

...or taken that long...

Molly is a bit more tolerant, since I did her hair so often when she was little. But her tolerance has faded over the years...

Even she winced a bit.

But the braids are easier when you are in and out of the pool and ocean. The resort is lovely with good food and nice rooms. What stands out most is the service. We have marveled at the level of organization and the size of the operation here. They have done a fantastic job of making you feel well taken care of, even in the middle of a huge resort with many hundreds of guests.

There are no lines, always available chairs and drinks...even our check-in took less than 5 minutes. Pretty amazing.

The wonder of all-inclusive has worn off slightly, but the first night was hilarious as the kids realized EVERYTHING was included. There has been a LOT of ice cream consumed. And a lot of Shirley Temples and other slushy drinks by the pool.