Monday, March 23, 2009

The best sister (today)

When Lucas and Finny and I went to pick up Molly today after school, she was even more excited than usual to see us. As soon as we rounded the corner of the staircase, she was clamoring to get to Lukey. As always, the hallways were crammed. A couple of hundred kids and parents shuffling in different directions. Taking all my kids in there sometimes feels like pushing three tissues through a wind tunnel. Anyway, as Molly is trying to sit on the floor with her brother and sister, we are being trampled on all sides by the furious foot traffic. Molly has disemboweled her schoolbag all over the hallway. She finally found what she was looking for:

On Mondays, the kids get to choose three books from the library. Molly, in my opinion, is an exceedingly great book picker. Today though, she saw this Digger Man book and thought of her little brother, who has a limited vocabulary of which approximately 30% is comprised of heavy duty vehicle names. The kid can't find a shirt in the middle of the floor, but he can spot a "digger" three blocks away in the nanosecond it is visible from a rapidly moving car. Skills.

And, if you know Molly, you also realize that a construction vehicle interests her not in the slightest. Take all the interest you find. Pile it up in a big heap, then get rid of it. That is how much interest she has in diggers. A true testament to the kindness it took for her to check out "Digger Man" for her brother.

She then proceeded to read him the WHOLE thing, right there in the middle of the busy elementary school hallway. Literally risking death...or a nasty pinch from a passing foot. What a girl.

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