Wednesday, May 20, 2020

World Turned Upside Down and Finny gets SCAMMED

And so begins the series of Covid posts. Covid? Oh, just a wee global pandemic that has kept us inside since March 17th (aside from time outside and distanced and inside in oddly rearranged grocery stores).

I will be doing some Covid posts, but to get me in the mood (and because we spent about 45 minutes reading blog books out loud tonight), I just need to jump in.

One of the most dreaded questions under any circumstances, but especially Covid-times, is "what's for dinner?". Two of the three kids are endlessly hungry these days. And grocery stores are weird. So it gets annoying.

I had a zoom call with the BYTs tonight and it was getting late, so Eric suggested pizza. We ordered on the app and we were chatting. Finny came into the kitchen from upstairs, guessed it....what's for dinner. Argh.

Hot dogs (she hates hot dogs). She moaned. I knew she would. I protested (pretty good acting, I thought). I told her the BBQ was already heating up (the BBQ was sitting next to her on the floor stone cold and inside). She begged for...wait for I knew she would. No, I told her. No pizza. No, Eric told her. No pizza. Hot dogs. And stop moaning.

She started to gear up her propaganda machine. She always has an angle and a sales pitch. And she really hates hot dogs. She started to bargain. She quickly got to a year of no complaining basketball filming for Split Second. That sounded like a pretty good deal for a dinner we had already ordered. I fake protested that under no circumstances should Eric make that deal. No...don't do it. They shook on it.

And then I showed her the pizzas, all ready to be picked up and ready to go.

She says she has never felt more betrayed. We enjoyed it very much :)

Although, as a postscript, in her next breath, she started bargaining for WAGES for the filming. She never lets up, that girl!

P.P.S. It's after 1:00 in the morning and the kids are downstairs in their rooms in a nerf gun battle. We have lost the fight. Covid-times are strange!

Monday, February 24, 2020

Driving with Miss Molly (and her brother and sister)

Over the years, I have deluded myself that our family morning routine of dropping each of the kids off at school is a precious time to connect with them before the rigors of a busy day. In theory, this sounds great. A few moments to start our day together in the same space. In practice, this seldom works. 

Sometimes, it does. There are magical unicorn days that have us running mysteriously ahead of schedule. The cupboards are full of good lunch foods and the kids are walking out together, joking with one another, bags full of sandwiches, snacks and fruit in reusable containers. Everyone gets to school on time and with parting words of love. 

Unicorn days. Like, crazy rare/imaginary.

Other days, there are hastily assembled food oddities left on the counter for the kids to scrounge through and mostly leave behind. Inevitably, one person takes FOREVER to get out of the door and makes the other two IRATE and LATE. This feud starts in the driveway with anger and recrimination and continues for the entirety of the journey. Every single comment by every single person ignites a series of criticisms or mockery. Everyone's nerves are frayed and exposed. 

We had that day. It was miserable and mean. And we were late. There was blame. At the end of Finny's ride, she said that if that had been an Uber ride, she would have given me the lowest possible rating. I wondered out loud if we could rate passengers...her rating would ALSO have been VERY LOW.

Long story short, by the time we had delivered Lukey and it was just me and Molly in the car, she climbed into the front seat and we put on a song we both like (and these are usually the songs reviled by the other two). We turned the corner off of Discovery Street and it was a completely different experience. We were singing and the heavy blanket of the other two and their grumpy morning had been dropped off with Lukey. 

"Mumma, if I were rating my Uber ride, you'd get perfect."

I don't have endless car rides to school with that girl left. Far from endless, in fact. Very few. I'm happy my rating is high.