Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Studio pictures

Since I have been incredibly negligent in posting, I am breaking down and uploading a bunch of pictures we had taken recently by photography students learning the art of family portraiture with little in the way of text accompaniment.

The picture taking session was hilarious, reminding me of the expression "like herding cats". Since it was students, there was little direction offered to the kids, resulting in semi-chaos. The girls hammed it up, while Lucas rode around on a wheeled office chair for an hour. An example of hamming:

No idea what that was but Finny's posture cracks me up, as does Molly's facial expression. I think she is wearing kitty ears and it looks like she's saluting...? Bizarrely, it is one of my favourite shots, but I'm pretty sure it's one that only a mother could love.

This next one I like because everyone is trying to kiss me. I feel like I spend most of my days as though my lap is the last seat in an epic game of musical chairs...everyone wants to be there. This picture illustrates that sensation well. It is lovely and occasionally overwhelming.

Molly and her cherished Baby Jack:

Sweet faces:

This surly little fireman is a good shot. One of the rare moments that he wasn't tearing through the studio on the office chair.

I wish Molly's face weren't scrunched here, otherwise it's a good one. I am smiling here, but I am most likely also thinking about how to wrangle the studio chair terrorist. Wheelie maniac, just outside of the frame.

One of the students caught this moment of the girls whispering. I love it. I see this exact scene a thousand times a day. Usually, they are whispering (poorly) about hilarious things. I will look at this picture fondly when they are far less innocent and their whispering is concerning sneaking out to meet boys and party...

Who knows what the joke was...:

The best one of all three:

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Cristina Herman said...

Definitely the whispering one... soo good.