Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sure, I can put a price on your love...

As you can see by the posts below, Eric and the girls are on a father/daughter adventure up to the Sunshine Coast. That leaves Lukey and me here in the city with our own stuff to do.

Midway through the day, which I spent poking around the house and doing idle things on the computer, Lucas finally pulled me down to his level and told me that he missed the girls. Apparently, I am not the companion treat that I thought I was...fair enough, since I had probably only glanced in his direction once in twenty minutes. A far cry from the cacophony of noise that is normally his soundtrack. It may have been a little *quiet* for his taste.

When the girls called to say goodnight, Lukey wanted his turn to talk. He told both of the girls separately that he missed them.

Molly's response: "Oh, buddy, I miss you too."

Finny's response: "How much, Lukey? How much do you miss me?"

Typical, really. I liked Lukey's answer, though: "Three dollars, Ninny." And when she came back with a puzzled, "What?", he upped his price. "Me miss you five dollars, Ninny."

Finny burst into laughter. I can see how I am a pale stand-in for his normal sister love.

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