Sunday, August 30, 2009

Starry Nights

At the beginning of the summer, I stuck "starry nights at Deas Island"
on the calendar without really knowing what it was. Something about a
hike and a flashlight...anyway, it finally appeared on my Google
Calendar for today and we decided to go check it out. Goodness knows
we owed the kids something after four straight days of home
improvements, which means that they are left to their own devices for
entertainment. Plus, the crazy amounts of paint fumes I've inhaled
while redecorating (I use the term loosely) has permanently altered my
brain...and not for the best, so fresh air seemed like a great idea.

I was so Impressed with the event. They were handing out lights for
the walk, all of which was beautifully lit with tea lights. There were
activities (hence the animal masks below) and stories. There was a
drumming circle for the kids to try and hands on nature lessons. I
thought was well worth the trip. And apparently the first annual
event, so maybe I should mark it on the calendar for next year. After
all the painting I've done, I don't think I can trust myself to

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