Monday, September 21, 2009

E- Nice weather for a Pacnic

Molly and Finny are both now settled into their classes and
approaching school in their unique ways. Molly just blends in, is
easy going and will do whatever is asked of her. Finny, on the other
hand, in only her second week of Kindergarten, has already come home
from school a few times complaining how boring it is.

At her parent teacher session we asked the teacher if there is any
merit in holding back on teaching Fin at home to read to avoid this
boredom factor. With her teacher's blessing to go ahead, Finny has
jumped in full speed ahead with Molly's old phonics book and spent a
couple of hours doing exercises before we convinced her to leave it
until the next day. We got the feeling she would have spent all day
doing it just because she wants to read NOW! Not tomorrow, now!

We also had a picnic put on by the PAC which gave families from the
school a chance to meet each other. It was a good event despite the
really cheesy PACNIC name it was given.

This weekend we spent down in Point Roberts mostly just enjoying a
lazy weekend around the house. I did spend a couple of hours raising
money for Muscular Dystrophy by shaking a boot outside the liquor
store, which may sound like a mild form of torture but is actually a
really positive experience. It is uplifting to see how generous (and
trusting) the majority of people are....especially some people you
don't expect to be. It makes me feel good about the community and can
do a little bit to boast my faith that most people are really just
trying to their best in this world.

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