Sunday, May 30, 2010

Words for a baby not yet born

My friend Sam is pregnant and being in the book business, she is creating a volume dedicated to the best advice her friends can give the new human she's made. It's a freaking fantastic idea.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what "words of wisdom" I had to share. In the end, the best I could come up with was sent off to accompany the photo that is the heading of this blog.

They aren't sage, sober words, but they are my truth.

Be goofy.

This, little bean, will stand you in good stead. Almost nothing in life requires total seriousness. Seriously.

There are many kinds of laughter. Try them all. Belly laughs. Titters. Giggles. Snorts. Guffaws. The sort that comes from such a deep place that it Will Not Be Stopped. Howls. Chortles. Tee hees and har-de-hars. The laugh that makes you pee...just a little bit. Go ahead. It's worth it.

Laugh with others. There is a magic that comes in shared laughter. You can test this magic. When you accidentally dump a full cup of soy milk into your mumma's purse, try this: look her in the eye, tell her you are very, very sorry and then laugh. I would be shocked if she didn't join you. You will both feel better. Little tip: help her clean up. This will also make things better.

Laugh alone. People may think you are crazy, but you aren't.

Most importantly, laugh at yourself. This one goes beyond simple laughter. It demonstrates a way of being that will bring you joy in your life, I promise. Many times when things go awry, the result is funny. Or it can be, if you choose to look at it that way. Do that. Look at it in the most lighthearted way you can. My estimation is that 99.998% of the frustrations, irritations and obstacles in life can be viewed with a laugh if you try (there are a few that need a bit of time to be funny, but they'll get there). The ability to smile will give you the power to stand strong in the face of both large and small defeats.

After all, as Mark Twain said, "against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand." Trust that guy.


Beth said...

Oh, Les. How beautiful. As always, you capture the very marrow of life. Thank you for that.

Heather Osberg said...

love it.. great posts - love the one about luke and holding hands too... would love to hear more from sam's sage volume of advice... :)