Saturday, December 4, 2010

E-Lucas turns 4

All Lucas has talked about for his birthday is an electric ride-on vehicle......and we caved.  He is such a stereotypical boy.  He wants to play with trucks and balls all day and got 4 more cars to add to his already big collection of vehicles.  It would be a bit excessive except that he plays with them every day.

We had brunch with family two days in a row to celebrate but Lucas is still asking about his party.  He has it in his mind that there will be some big event....and has mentioned numerous times that a party at the police station would be preferable.  

Lucas is at a really fun stage.  He goes to school two mornings a week and hangs out and plays with us the rest of the time.   We go skating together 3 or 4 times a week, mostly at his insistence.  He prefers to use the bar so that he can go fast, but is getting better without it as well.  Last week, when I was skating backwards and holding Molly and Finny's hand, Luke decided to skate really fast at me and ram the back of my knees with the bar.  Because I couldn't see him coming, I took a pretty bad fall where I flipped head over heels over him and the bar.   Despite some initial tears, within minutes we were all laughing about the incident and pledging not to do that again.

At home Lucas plays a lot with his toys and likes watching Arthur, Franklin, Handy Manny and Mighty Machines.  He is always asking me to play hockey with him, not realizing how small our living room is. He is really good natured, goes anywhere we drag him and has a positive outlook on life.  I'll miss the three year old Lucas but am excited to see what the next year brings too.

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