Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our little competitor...

We were having a conversation in a hot tub this afternoon, all five of us. We were talking about being competitive. It went like this:

Finny: "I am competitive, I know that for sure."

Eric: "That's true, Finny. You might be one of the most competitive people I have ever known." (This was after she insisted on hitting 200 (!) basketball shots in gym before going swimming...)

Molly: "I'm not competitive, am I?"

Both Eric and I shake our heads and Molly looks relieved.

Lesley: (I am a little shaken up to hear Eric say that about Finny, since...) "Well Finny, I will tell you who the most competitive person I know is...your dad!"

Without missing a beat, Finny says, "No way, I am more competitive than him."

Competing over being competitive...? Okay Finny, you win.

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Thomas Hill said...

I see what you're doing here, Eric. You're trying to find out first who the biggest competition is, and then you'll develop a strategy against that person. Hah! That's how businesses do it. Be sure to put up a good, clean fight, okay? LOL!