Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bahia Honda

After a few days of loving the Marathon area and specifically the pool area of our rental house, we decided to head a little farther afield. Bahia Honda is a state park just over the Seven Mile Bridge from Marathon. It is a spectacular setting with three very different beaches and lots of park. Unfortunately, it was one of the most overcast days we had, so we weren't able to do the beach justice. It was crazy beautiful, with shallow, clear water for hundreds of metres out to sea and a gorgeous white sand bottom the whole way. We sat there in the water for an hour or two, but it got chilly with the sun behind the clouds.

There was a nice walkway at the edge of the park that leads up to the old railway trestle bridge. It is a pedestrian path now. The view from the bridge is incredible.

Here's the girls walking up:

And at the top:

It is such in incredible setting that it is used for weddings...we watched one ceremony at sunset.

And managed to snag a family picture from a departing wedding guest. Score!

This one is cool because you can see the islands of the Keys in the background.

Across from the girls (in an uncharacteristically cuddly pose), you can see the bridge carrying on...I think they cut it off to prevent people from crossing. The bridge itself is in rough shape now so they only maintain that small section.

I hope we get another day at Bahia Honda on another trip someday. On a really warm, sunny day this beach would be unbeatable.

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