Monday, February 6, 2012

Girls go skiing...Lukey and I hit the forest

Lukey and I dropped the girls off at the base of Grouse Mountain for a day of skiing with Jane, Mandy, Hannah and Catherine. The sun was a'shinin', so the girlies were mightily excited for a day on the slopes. Unfortunately, Lukey couldn't join them because he had hockey later in the afternoon. 

But we didn't want to be left out. We left the Grouse parking lot and drove to the first place we could get out and walk: Capilano River Park.

We were looking for our dose of sunshine, but I think the forest was, too. The beams were leaking through the boughs. The branches were stretching to meet them 

The wooden railings on the paths and bridges were steaming. Actual steam was coming off them, warming the winter right out of them. Us too.

 I miss my quiet weekdays with this little guy. For two years, we took those noisy, boisterous, giggling chickies at school...then headed of to tackle our day together. Nowadays, he heads into the school with those girls and I head home alone. I loved this stolen PD day Friday.

 We hit the fish hatchery.

We saw a rainbow.

The water, the day, the company...all sparkled.

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