Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Getting our Berry On

Eric is smiling in this picture, but he isn't smiling on the INSIDE. That's because he is about to use a crazy expensive, rented concrete saw to cut through our driveway. Also, he is hoping that he doesn't burn up so much of the diamond saw blade (which you pay for by the thousandth of an inch) that we just have to sign the house away to the tool rental place in Tsawwassen. Oh, and that it isn't much fun that we have to cut through the driveway in the first replace the water line that is leaking somewhere on our property. 

So what did I do? Take the kids berry picking on Westham Island, of course.

We met Mandy and her girls and Mary and her three kids for Blueberry-palooza. The berries were huge, ripe and plentiful. It was a very good picking day.

Looking at this picture of Molly, you can see that it was also a good EATING day. Nevermind the signs imploring you to sample "one or two berries", no. But to be fair, the girl was like a berry whisperer. All the best berries in our haul came through her two little hands. Her extensive sampling ensured that she knew quality when she saw it.

Finny was also discerning...

Lukey's methodology was a little more crude. At least he couldn't read the sign telling him not to eat the berries.

Look at that!

After the long walk back to the parking lot with their cousins, the kids were all rewarded with ice cream. Frankly, I am surprised my kids had room...

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