Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break 2013

We were craving Spring Break. A break from school, activities, sports...a break from routine!

As soon as school was out, we headed south to Point Roberts. The sun came out and we slipped right into holiday mode. 

First stop: bingo in the garden. We played for a quarter per win. Oh, and the caller (Lukey) got a quarter for each game he called. We stopped when every one had earned a dollar. 

We baked many batches of these great white chocolate toffee chip cookies and delivered some to our wonderful Point Roberts neighbours.

One lucky surprise was that Lindsay and Andrew McTaggart were down with their lovely little girls. We spent lots of time together...and what a treat. I think we ate dinner together four out of six nights. What a pleasure. And the kids had so much fun roaming the beach together.

View from the McTaggart's kitchen
We spent some time visiting the biggest McTaggart pets (and there are many...of all sizes): the Icelandic horses, Dora and Eglo (sp?).

Not only was it a fantastic field trip to visit the horses on a spectacular, sunny afternoon...but I was also amazed and delighted when the girls decided they wanted to scoop some poop. I thought it would last about five minutes...ten, max. Instead, they scooped, shovelled and wheelbarrowed for about an hour and a half. What the..? I had to get photographic proof, because it was like getting evidence of the Loch Ness Monster, or a Yeti. Things you were certain were impossible...

The Poop Scoop Troop

The weather couldn't have been better. There was sun and warmth. Each day was warmer than the one before. In a rare moment of peace and solitude, I snuck out to the flat spot at my parents' place and soaked in the rays and the silence.

I caught Molly doing much the same thing the next day, but with a good book.

A much anticipated book delivery from Amazon captivated the girls. Scaredy Squirrel goes Camping was eagerly awaited by Finny for three months. She asked Molly to read it to her for the first time. So cute (and surprising).

We booted into town for one evening and overnight. It was the Easter celebration at the co-op and we didn't want to miss the scavenger hunt and potluck. It was well worth it.

The girls with the spoils of scavenging
As nice as it was in town, I couldn't wait to get back to the Point. Once the weather gets nice, it's the only place I want to be. Everything is starting to bloom and the concrete and confined space of the city just doesn't cut it.

Our forsythia

We took a quick two day trip to Seattle, which will get its own post. Once we got back, it was time to get our Easter on.

The bunny showed up on Sunday morning. He left a cryptic note and baskets for each of the kids.

Bunny loot
We made a trip to the Point Roberts Elementary school for the annual egg hunt. Molly was too old for the first time this year. She was bummed.

Finny declared that she was going to "win" the hunt this year. We patiently explained that you can't win an egg hunt. There is no *winner*. She insisted she was going to win anyway. Ultimately, she only found five eggs. We were pretty sure she didn't win.

Finny with the world's best children's librarian, Rose
 As usual, Gram came through with extra special presents for the holiday. She outdoes herself every year. The kids are spoiled by her thoughtfulness.

Our new friend Matilda

Our new friend Paloma

And...Hot Foot
 Even though time moves slower while we are in Point Roberts, Spring Break was over all too fast. With the promise of one more day of glorious sunshine, we opened up our family Easter gathering to extended family and friends. About 30 people came to enjoy our bonfire, hot dogs, chili and a little egg hunt in the garden.

It's a bad picture, but if you squint, you can see kids looking for eggs
 It was a perfect day, spend with the best kind of company.

I suppose the best sign of a good Spring Break is utter devastation when it is done. It was a sad drive back to town Monday night. It was an even sadder wake-up on Tuesday morning for school...

I learned two things about myself: a) I love to be with the kids as much as possible, and b) schedules and routines are not my thing.

Bring on summer!

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