Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Viking Girl


It is so strange. I remember heading to UVic and moving into residence like it was yesterday. But it wasn't. It was 28 years ago. Oh. My. God. 

Molly started at UVic today. But she's here at home. She and Eric went for a morning bike ride down to Granville Island. 

Training wheels. We put them on a bike when we just don't know if we can balance. Watch a kid ride with training wheels and sometimes the kid is basically riding sideways, leaning all their weight on the training wheels. But usually they are riding a bike for real, but the training wheels give them confidence. It's less scary, even if you aren't using them. 

Molly came home and got online for her first class: Social Sciences, Perspectives on Cities. Here's her classroom this morning:


And for the afternoon, she decided to learn al fresco for Sociology and Entrepreneurship: 

I got to eat lunch with her and help her get on her Zoom class. I even got to hear some of the lectures. In fact, she just brought me a cup of tea.

It is a little less scary this way. Molly being at home, it is a bit like training wheels. I know she could do it, going away to school. And I am pretty sure I could do it, too. But there are silver linings all over this crazy global pandemic. And this silver lining is like training wheels for both of us. Just a bit of confidence before she sets off on her own.

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