Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's Saturday...

Well, actually it isn't. Not yet. But "It's Saturday" is the name of the musical that Molly and her school performed yesterday. All in all it was a lovely show, put together lovingly by countless (really...countless) hours of patient devotion by a multitude of teachers, parents and children.

As someone who has at A LOT of school performances in her future, I would like to take this opportunity to make a couple of observations about that unique beast: the school play.

1. Usually, the act of moving all the students on and off the stage takes longer than the performance itself. Yesterday's show was an hour and a half. If you removed the "people moving" time eaten up by lines of squirming kids being lead on and off the performance platform, I estimate the new show time would be about...mmmm...20 minutes.

2. Things little, little kids do are cute. They could come out and floss their teeth and the crowd would applaud. The older you get in elementary school, the harder you have to work for the crowd love.

3. There is an age somewhere between grades five and six at which something terrifying happens to young girls (scary, at least to the mother of two girls).

4. Ticket prices were offered in the following way: "1 ticket $2.50, 2 for $5.00". That is some discount. Wait, let me get this right. If I get three tickets, do I only pay $7.50? Is there an even better deal for 4 tickets? I'll give you $10. Wow, buying in bulk sure pays off.

5. In hindsight, I am not sure that the teachers would choose to give the kindergarten kids sharp sticks as props. They had "fishing rods" for their song "Gone Fishin'" and the most overheard phrase of the night was, "Keep your rods up...keep them you rods...". It was a minor miracle that all the kids walked out with the eyes they came in with.

There was an afternoon and an evening show and by the end of last night, Moll was bagged. Here is a shot of Lukey enjoying the spectacle.

I was just happy he wasn't shouting "MehMeh" at the top of his little lungs. That is his name for Molly and he pretty much has a steady stream of "MehMeh" all day every day right now. He keeps close tabs on his biggest sister.

Hey, this post has taken me so long to write that it really is Saturday now. Ha!

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