Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Look what's coming to live at my house...

This lovely shed, constructed by the Guildford Park Secondary School carpentry apprenticeship program, is moving onto our property in Point Roberts. It will be a writer's shed. My writer's shed. man-hating woman shack. Just kidding. Especially since Eric is doing a ton to make the procurement of the shed possible, including figuring out the somewhat complicated delivery required. We will have to hire a hiab crane, disassemble our front fence and then place the shed onto a pre-constructed concrete slab (again, thanks Eric!). Then...the fun part. I get to fill my small (really small) space with inspiration. Hooray! Stay tuned here for more updates on the shed progress. We will take delivery during the second week of June. Any brilliant ideas for a shed name?

Speaking of inspiration, I have to give a big belated shout out to a fellow Vancouver blogger: Lovely Monkeys. I was lucky enough to get a hand delivered (!) box of hand crafted jewelry direct from her inspired space. I keep trying to take artistic macro pictures to do the pieces justice. I will post some pictures, but in the meantime (and in interest of getting a long overdue thanks out into the blogosphere) I would love to direct you to her Etsy shop. I am now the proud owner (and many times complimented wearer) of a pair of mermaid Jewels earrings, made out of seaglass from our local beaches. . They are a treasure (and a bit of a steal at that price on Etsy)! The Monkeys also sent along TWO beautiful rings for me, and sweet little flower rings for each of the girls. It was such a treat. And, by passing along her blog on to you all, I am also giving you a treat. Enjoy!

Mother's Day was great, despite losing Eric to work all day. We got (semi) dressed up to head over to my grandfather's care-home for a decadent brunch. You can see Lukey, looking wistfully after his sisters as they take off without him.

Looking at those pictures reminds me that
cherry blossoms are a great photo accessory. They make everything look pastoral and gorgeous, even scrubby kids and parked cars. Good to remember.

After stuffing our faces with brunchy items, Finny was given a ride on her great-granddad's walker. You can probably pick out which picture that is down know, the one with the old guy. Granddad turns 101 in less than one month. You read that right. You know you are doing something right when you can push around a preschooler when you are about to start your 102nd year on the planet.
He is just the best. I promise, you have never met a more positive person in your life than this man.

To work off our indulgent meal, we headed to a local playground. It was lovely, especially as a reminder that when it is sunny, this city sparkles. The kids came alive as they basked.

The close-up picture of Molly may be the most beautiful one I have ever taken. She was just soaking up the sun. The expression of pure calm and peace on her little face fills my heart.


Carolyn Margaret said...

thank you for the fantastic praise. What great shots! Is this park in our hood?
talk soon.

Anonymous said...

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