Thursday, July 31, 2008

E-Our July

Ideally it would be nice to blog every couple of days to preserve some of the kids best moments......however, especially at this time of year, that would take away too much time from having more of these special type of moments. So instead, at the end of the month I am throwing some images on the blog from the first half of the summer.

Canada day. With a sunny and warm sky and an extra low tide at the beach there was no time for me to sleep after my last night shift. Off to Diefenbaker park for a community celebration before going home for a swim. Molly's Australian friend Ella from Kindergarten came down for dinner and to watch the sunset on the longest day of the year.

The next day I had to kill some time in Maple Ridge while the car was being looked at, so the girls and I had one of those unusual adventure days. We spent a couple of hours killing time in the park, followed by a swim at Alouette Lake, a ferry ride on the Albian ferry to Fort Langley, followed by the water park.

July 4th- Parade and Lucas' second haircut.

Caught the local "belt sander" races before heading off to Sakinaw. Home again to the Co-op and Aquarium.

Back to Diefenbaker park for outdoor movie night. This was a fantastic free community event. Les was visiting friends on Pender Island, so I had all three kids. It wasn't a problem until the movie "Cars" ended at midnight. The two kids I had asleep on my lap weren't wanting to wake up and there was lots of stuff to pack back to the car.

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