Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why I am not a Poet (or professional slip 'n' slider)

Prepare to be underwhelmed by poetry.

Summer (a bad rhyming poem in cinquain form)

First Bike ride.
Tentative forays.
Training wheels aside.
After gravity momentarily obeys,
Physics is overcome by huge hoorays.

New Slip 'n' Slide.
A mother to demonstrate.
Memory of fun in youth and reality in adulthood collide.
Dignity and pride eliminate,
As laughter and hilarity escalate.

(Grownups aren't meant to Slip or Slide. Take my word for it. Don't make me show you video)


Anonymous said...

Both of these really bring back some memories for me. I remember my first bike ride vividly - a fall and tears were involved, but I still remember it as a happy day. And look how proud she is!

The slip 'n' slide...I loved it oh so much. I must admit that if we ever happened to get one I will be right there with you, sliding as fast as possible into the mud swamp that always accumulates at the bottom of the hill. I wonder if the person who invented the Slip 'n' slide knows how many memories he/she has created for people of our generation.

Hero said...

Lesley, you are too cute but, man, that slip and slide looks painful.

I love pictures of the first bike ride. Kids always look so proud.

Carolyn Margaret said...

I love it! I have found a few things that are not meant for adult entertainment but are so tempting you just have to test the theory.