Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hockey Daddy

The kids and I went to watch the beginning of Eric's mens' league hockey game this evening. The girls both knew who Eric was right away, despite his disguise of an unfamiliar uniform. Finny knew because Eric had told her that he was orange and number four, and she proudly informed me that she remembered. Molly recognized him because "his legs look long". Pretty much sums them up: Finny has a mind like a scary steel trap. You can't say anything within her earshot that you won't be happy being reminded of in every and any relevant situation (with a few bonus situations that are not appropriate thrown in for good measure...). Molly is intuitive and logical. I mean really, you don't have to know what colour or number Eric is to spot him on the ice...he really is huge in skates. Plus, hi shorts are a little on the small side, which only makes his legs look longer.

My favourite part of the spectating was when Molly asked if the tromboni would come back to clean the ice.

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