Wednesday, April 15, 2009

E- Dual Blogging

It's the middle of April and Spring is here. Lucas has taken over ownership of the Like-A-Bike in a big way. Now that his legs have grown enough to finally reach the ground, he has decided to it belongs solely to him. Last week I towed Luc and the bike in the trailer behind my bike while Finny rode her scooter down to get Molly from school. My plan was for Molly to ride the Like-A-Bike back while I towed Lucas. A very determined little boy decided that wasn't going to happen. Having never ridden it more than 25 feet at a time, I felt it necessary to explain to him that our route home was up one of the steepest hills in Vancouver and that there was no way he could make it up. He wasn't having any of it........and he proved me wrong. Not only did he ride the whole way home without any help, he also went back down and up the hill and throughout the grocery store when I decided to stop for dinner on the way back. Once inside the house, he insisted on doing laps for another half hour, probably just to prove to me how wrong I really was.

For most of the past year, but particularly the last few months, life has been different for us because Les is working so much. With both of us working pretty much full time hours, it's been a real juggling act to get the kids to and from different their different activities and spend the quality time with them that they need. We are very grateful for the help we get but there still never seems to be enough hours in the day for the necessities, let alone the luxuries like keeping a blog. It is especially hard for Les who spends all day writing for work, and for whom looking at a keyboard and monitor is about the last thing she wants to do at the end of the day. Although we both look forward to a period of our lives when we have a little more down time, neither of us can imagine wishing away this particular time when the kids are so young, sweet, innocent and loving. We still get lots of hugs and "I love you"s throughout the day.

Molly has now lost her third tooth, so she has a really cute smile. She is doing really well at school now in everything but math. Money, time and pretty much all things that have numbers mean very little to her. Playing pretend, telling and reading stories and playing games are what really excite her. Molly is the kind of kid that will find a place to fit in and try to make everyone around her happy. Finny on the other hand is much more independent. She loves a challenge and comes across as a much tougher kid. It's easy to forget she is only still 4 however, and sometimes gets really upset when she is embarrassed or disciplined. She has an incredible memory and ability to relate different parts of the world around her. Lucas is a great natured guy with a growing independent streak that has him yearning to strike out on his own. In Point Roberts he decided he needed to push the big, heavily laden grocery cart around the store. It worked out pretty well until he hit a bottle of mineral water that exploded all of the floor, sending me scurrying sheepishly to the counter to request a mop on isle 10.

Last night, Les stopped by the fire hall in Tsawwassen on her way back from Point Roberts to get something from the car. The Captain invited the family to see the hall and go for a ride in the Engine with one condition......that I drive. I didn't tell the kids that I hadn't yet driven a fire truck and hadn't driven anything bigger than our van for the last 3 years. What could go wrong though....I was only going around the block and I had lots of experience driving a similar sized garbage truck. I found out 3 seconds later when I stepped on the air horn and blasted my crew with an incredibly loud HONK.........garbage trucks definitely don't have foot pedals for air horns. The rest of the drive went well, but was cut short when we got called to a car accident. I felt badly for permanently damaging the guys hearing. However, like everything else at the hall, all was forgiven when I bought desert for the crew. Not a bad trade-off really.

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