Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Night at the Theatre and my own Mime

Tonight, I had the pleasure of watching my dear friend Paulina perform in the play Some Girl(s), currently running in repertoire at The Havana Theatre. She was fantastic. So good that it gave me the creeps to see someone I know so well behaving in such an uncharacteristic way. I was reminded how much I enjoy live theatre and have made a mental note to see more. Particularly since one of Eric's Christmas gifts to me was season's tickets to the theatre of my choice.

The mime part of my post title is Lukey. He isn't really a mime. He talks his face off, you just can't understand most of what he says, so we often rely on his gestures and facial expressions to catch his meaning. Sometimes though, he is creative in his use of the limited amount of language he has command over. For instance, he doesn't use the word "because". So, he does this: "" or "Sad...why?". If you substitute "why?" with because, these statements make sense.

The part of me that loves words deeply has been impatient with Lou's slow language development. That same part of me is slightly mollified by his innovative method of getting his meaning across. Maybe he will be a poet...with a great three point shot.

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