Sunday, February 28, 2010's over

As much as the Olympics were a fantastic diversion from everyday life,
all good things must come to an end. The frantic pace of keeping up
with the Games is pretty exhausting. Plus, that last gold medal hockey
game was super stressful...I kept leaving the room to give my frazzled
nerves a break. All the honking on Broadway made us think that a trip
downtown was in order, just to feel the vibe for ourselves. We drove
and parked, then walked up to Robson and Howe. At the advice of
friends, we decided to forgo Granville Street. They said it wasn't
exactly "family friendly" other words, congested with slobbering
drunkards convinced that their epic beer drinking and armchair athlete
criticisms somehow helped vault the team into glory. Although, the
drunkards had their perks: the kids were thrilled that if you
"wooooooo" at a stranger, they'll "woooooooo" back. The two pictures
of the kids in the car above show their amusement...lukey wasn't too
sure. Molly loved it and giggled every time.

The bottom picture is the view from the third floor of the Chapters
bookstore at the corner of Robson and Howe. It was a great, safe way
to see the mob. A big group of people like that looks like a great
heaving beast from above. Kind of creepy. Thanks to the gold medal
victory, the beast was happy. It was more high fives than punches,
thank goodness.

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