Monday, February 8, 2010

Olympic fever is building

Slowly but surely, our Olympic interest has been on the increase. The community here in False Creek has had a decidedly tepid reaction to the pre-Games hype. It has seemed like corporate-induced buzz, which has cast a cloud of cynicism over our neighbourhood. In the last week though, it has been becoming clearer that this is all building up to a real event. There are actual people coming...I've noticed super keen tourists all around us. Their head-to-toe official merchandise and eager expressions are hard to ignore. Maybe their enthusiasm is a wee bit contagious? The kids, who sense approaching fun the same way a divining rod hones in on water, are getting into countdown mode. I'm not convinced they know what they are counting down TOWARDS, but they're into it nonetheless.

After celebrating my brother's birthday this evening at my mom and dad's we checked out the huge lights beaming across the entrance to False Creek. After parking at Vanier Park, the kids burst out of the car and chanted Canada slogans at the top of their little lungs. This week, we'll catch some of the torch run and Molly has a field trip to the House of Switzerland. You know you are at Ground Zero when your kid is walking from school to a Olympic site.

I sense the time has come to quit my grumbling. The kids are gonna dig the Olympics in a serious way and my glum chum guise has got to go. Go Canada.

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