Saturday, October 2, 2010

E- "light" duties?

The kids, Bryan and I out on the water, just about to go through Active Pass on a beautiful October day and it sort of feels like we have stolen a little bit of extra summer time. Although it is T-shirt and shorts weather, a warm blanket is definitely needed as we sit in the wind on the bow of the boat.

I have just finished my second week of light duties back at the firehall after 8 months off work. It feels great get through the day and not be in pain and be able to do a lot of things I just couldn't do before. Although I always had the strength to perform a rescue or haul heavy equipment around, tying up my laces or picking paper up off the floor were way too difficult. Over the last two weeks I have worked with a bunch of different crews, trained at our firehouse/training building, pulled house, caught hydrants, crawled around doing searches and rescues in smoked out conditions, spent a few hours doing drills wearing 60 pounds of turnout gear and SCBA while dragging a guy my size out of building, climbed ladders and got in some work outs. Throughout all of this I felt good and relatively pain free and very happy to realize that only 4 1/2 months since my second surgery I am ready to go back to regular fighting duties.

On top of all the retraining I did, I also went on most of the calls and one inspection. The uniforms with hairnets were such a funny sight I had to get a picture.

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