Thursday, September 30, 2010

Details, Details

Molly, Finny, Lukey and I were on our way to school this morning when a conversation struck up in the backseat of the car.

I believe it started with Molly bragging to the other two that she had less school left in her life than they did. She boasted, "I only have four more years before I'm done...".

I pointed out to her that she really has almost five years of ELEMENTARY school left.

There was silence. Then, "What do you mean?" came quietly out of Molly.

"High go to high school after elementary school."

"Really? Oh, right. That's okay. In high school, all you do is walk around," Molly said.

She went on a class field trip to Magee High School last year. I guess they mostly just "walked around".

"Mumma, didn't you tell me that when you are a big kid in school, you get to pick what you learn?"


"I'll just do that, then," she told me.

Well, alright.

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