Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My office manager

Lukey has a desk underneath his loft bed. Today, he offered to me as an office space. It was the sort of request that a four year old makes that isn't possible to refuse. You know the ones. It takes far more energy and strife to work out an acceptable "no" than it does to just go with it.

My newly appointed office manager searched high and low for pens and highlighters to stock my new desk. He cleared off the desk top and pointed out all the features it offered (mostly the pens and highlighters he'd put in a cubbyhole for me).

He did not stop there. He insisted that he would give me privacy BUT he didn't want me to be lonely. He assembled his four favourite dogs (Sparky, Gracie, Howie and Spot) to keep me company.

The dogs were off to the side of the desk, but then they got curious about what I was working on...Lukey thought they might enjoy a better viewing spot.

Here they are...in my office:

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