Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The son of a firefighter

Overheard in my bedroom:

Molly: "If the house was on fire, I would grab Baby Jack, my Gram blanket and my Nana blanket. They are my most special things."

Finny: "Hmmm. If the house was on fire, I would take out Bump (her bear) and Buppie (a blanket-type thing)."

Lukey (who I didn't think was listening): "If the house was on fire, I would go downstairs and get the fire extinguisher. Then I would put the fire out."

Both the girls pause. Unwilling to be beaten by her four-year old brother, Molly comes out with:

Molly: "No buddy, we don't have a fire extinguisher."

Lukey: "Yes we do. It is on the wall beside the pantry in the kitchen."

Molly looks to me, fully expecting me to deny what she thinks is an obvious fabrication. Instead, I nod to confirm that the little fellow is right.

Lukey: 1      Girls: 0

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