Monday, July 9, 2012

Canada Day

Canada Day started in Tofino. The kids had found a magnificent world behind this hedge. A true labyrinth of bushes, roots and leafy, green tunnels. It was a treasure and it was hard to tear them away.

Our little animals were at home in their warren.

But tear them away, we did. We headed into Tofino for the Canada Day celebration.

We did a bit of land skiing.

I managed to surprise my whole family (including Eric) with my stilt walking skills. No one expected it, but I was pretty kick ass. Finny, on the other hand, looks quite terrified. Or something...

I got my much discussed fish taco at the Tacofino cart. It was every bit as delicious as I wanted it to be.

We hit the beach and the kids inhaled the Canada Day doughnuts.

Oh, and was some inhaling there, too.

And in between the bickering that broke out in spades on this particular beach visit, we even managed to play a bit with this awesome new game the kids picked up in the truly wonderful bookstore in Tofino (I know, I know...this game IS NOT a book...but before you judge me, you much know that I also purchased a copy of Robinson Crusoe, which I read to the family on the drive back to the ferry).

It was a good day.

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