Thursday, October 18, 2012

All-Sports, All-Day

We, apparently, are a sporty family. At least, my camera tells me that we are...

I uploaded my pictures and all I see is shots of our kids running. A lot of running. And playing. And kicking and throwing.

Our weeks are dominated by our sports schedule. Mondays...Finny has cross-country with the Thunderbirds. after school for Lukey, then basketball for all three. Wednesday...cross-country for Finny. Thursday...cross-country mini-meet for all three, hockey for Lukey and basketball for all three.! Saturday...cross-country meets for Finny, soccer game and hockey game for Lukey.! Phew.

So, they are all little athletes...and I am their professional chauffeur. Organizing all this is its own sport.

Here is Lukey doing the Terry Fox run at school. I think he made it around the field eight times (notice his Butler Bulldogs t-shirt...).

...and then he walked a lap or two with Eric.


 Here is Finny, with her rosy cheeks, mid-run.


And there is Molly, using her long legs for good.

Molly and her best friend Maya are in the same class again this year...for the sixth year in a row. These two are inseparable. Molly is incredibly lucky to have such a great kid for her friend.

There was a basketball program for a week at school, run by Split Second Basketball. The kids loved it.

Lukey was able to start cross-country for the first time...kindergartens weren't allowed, so he had to wait until Grade One. He wasn't sure he'd be able to make it all the way around. He was nervous. There he is, lining up for his first race:

And here is beaming, after running for a fourth place finish. (By the way, that's him on the right. His little buddy Alex looks a lot like him...Alex got first place!)

Soccer is a new addition to our repertoire. Lukey's team, the Giants, includes four boys from his class at school. I, somehow, got roped into being team manager. If you know me, you will recognize that this is a highly unnatural role for me. Good to stretch my organizational muscles...goodness knows, they are weak.

Lukey eating his half-time snack (the schedule for which, I drew up...that's right, check me out, coordinating stuff...).

The team's first game was a blowout, and not in our favour...but in my opinion, it was a total victory. A beautiful fall day and a sweet boy in a blue uniform. Running his little heart out. I just have to remember that feeling in mid-February when the rain is coming down and freezing in my eyebrows as I stand on the sidelines.

Play on, little people.

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