Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Annual Day in the Country

That's right. It was our yearly trip to Lyden, Washington for the Northwest Washington Fair with the McTaggarts.

We paid our five dollars for parking and went to get our annual dose of good ol' country fun. And everyone know that starts with a pair of goats nuzzling.

We touched a lot of farm animals. They are well-tended and well-loved animals. These critters were better groomed than my children.

If I didn't know that it would result in a divorce (you can take that one to the bank), I would bring a pair of these big brown eyes home.

We got to hear the heavy, furry clomping of the Clydesdale hooves on the wagon teams.

Hearing them all race was like thunder. It makes me think about the use of the "horsepower"...and it makes me think that Ferraris and Lamborghinis aside, cars really don't know a thing about horsepower. These guys are power. Our Jetta...not quite the same.

The day couldn't have been hotter. We bought a giant lemonade early in the day and went back for refills throughout the afternoon. Molly managed to hold onto this one lemon for a few hours. It made for a cheery smile.

It is difficult to really explain the "country" nature of this fair. All of the charm of this place is wrapped up in the truly rural experience. There are prizes and judging galore. The wide range of items put forward by both kids and adults is staggering.

Like fruit and vegetable sculpture....

And, seemingly hand in hand with the agricultural focus is a healthy dose of religion in evidence at the Fair. Behold the tent below...Teens for Christ selling Cheesecake on a Stick. Yep. 

In fact, one of the local churches offered a sprinkler station to try and combat the heat. I wondered if it was a surreptitious baptism or maybe holy water.

I had to get a picture of the Lynden fire department', golf cart.

And while I was taking pictures...our own little photojournalist was snapping her own shots. She took hundreds of pictures on her own camera.

Including about a thousand of this little newborn...

Fair food was eaten.

And pictures of ridiculous angora bunnies were taken.

...although, I have to admit to being slightly disturbed by the little sign over top of the rabbit cages that asked..."Did you know rabbit meat is white?"., I did not. I DO know I felt squeamish reading that sign...

Matthew and Lukey did some great imaginary tractor driving.

And the little boys managed to repeat Beth's and my milking race from the year before. I don't think I have to mention who won the 2011 battle (and by that, I mean, I don't want to talk about it...). The rematch was a little more relaxed.

It was a perfect (if scorching and dehydrating) day with the very best kind of company. May our children/grandchildren wheel the McKnights/Butlers/McTaggarts to this fair for years to come.

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