Friday, November 16, 2012

School (and the missing of school)

We have taken the kids out of school to go away (obviously). We have been pretty on the ball with schoolwork, journals, math and such. In fact, we went to the Kennedy Space Center today and if that's not educational experience, I don't know what is (more on that in a later post). But, we still love it when they are buried in a book or writing stories for fun. It shows that learning happens in many ways, even when not in school.

However, I include with this post a screenshot of our iPad. It's the search history. Look at the first two items, "musheenwrod" and "mashenwoor". This is Lukey. He is looking for updates for his favourite game...wait for it...Machine World.

I love this. He is sounding out his life. That's a motivated learner.

P.S. As a fun game, see if you can figure out who searched for the rest of the items...hint, none of them are me or Finny.

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