Thursday, November 8, 2012

SeaWorld Day Two

We headed back to SeaWorld the next morning. First stop today was the Manta, a truly crazy roller coaster. Lukey, who was not big enough to ride, poses in front. 

It is hard to describe, but was unlike any other roller coaster I have gone on...Finny and I went and it blew me away. Finny, who is normally very brave on rides, was not too sure on this one. She was worried. She ended up loving it, but it was a tense couple of minutes getting strapped into the ride.

I sent Eric right after we got off. He said it was as close to flying as he could imagine.

The kids got little manta rays...

The aquarium attached to the ride was impressive on its own. There were tons of incredible things to look at as you lined up.

My favourite was this crazy seahorse. It looks just like foliage.

And this one is just like an ancient dragon. They were so gorgeous.

And we were all mesmerized by the graceful manta rays gliding through the water.

We caught a great seal and otter show.

My best recommendation for SeaWorld is splash or soak zone seats. We got right up front and didn't get a drop of wet on us.

It was a terrific show.

Of course, no matter what spectacular things you throw at kids, its the strangest things that they are drawn to...we spotted this little squirrel on a walkway and the kids stopped for ten minutes to feed him. Forget exotic sea creatures. Check out this squirrel!

We managed to get into the Wild Arctic exhibit, which had just been converted into a Polar Express ride for Christmas. They do a great job of creating an arctic atmosphere. Right down to real ice on that walls. It wasn't cold, but Finny is pretending to be at the North Pole.

The rest of the day was on rides. The kids rode everything.

This sweet face almost made me hurl on this ride. I was not, I repeat NOT a big fan of the spinning.

They rode the Shamu Express about ten times.

Which meant I did too...

Look at Eric. He is so EXCITED to be on the Shamu Express.

We rode until dark.

And then it was home to bed. Ready for another busy Florida day. Next stop: Saint Augustine.

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