Friday, July 5, 2013

July has involved many beautiful, sunny days at the Point. At least for me and the kids. Eric's incredible dedication to his basketball camps (which were hugely successful and only whet the community's appetite for more) kept him away for a lot of July, but we still got a few glorious days as a family on the beach.

The signal that summer has started is the July 4th parade down Gulf Road on the Point. It is...indescribable. We gather up our big group of West Bluff family...

...and watch things like this go by:

See, you didn't believe me that the parade is indescribable, but how would you describe that?

Then, off to Beth, Dan and Matthew's cabin for a magical evening in their garden. I didn't get any pictures of the great food, fun games, or awesome dog show (yes, really). But I did get a shot of Molly preparing dessert to take over.

We made Regal Eagles in honour of America. You are welcome, America.

Ahhhh, July 4th. Now, THAT'S a tradition!

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