Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Running girl

Finny is a runner. How do I know? Running makes her happy. 

She does long distance training twice a week with the Thunderbirds Track and Field club. Those two sessions are tough. But she never complains. She looks forward to them. She goes into those long runs carrying all the details of her day. Then she bounces into the car when she's done. She's lightened. 

She leaves her baggage on the trails.

She ran a race in Coquitlam last weekend. That's her down below in the green top. 

The course was 2.5 km long, peppered with hills. She was running with kids her own age and a year older, boys and girls. She had no idea how she was doing against girls born in 2004 (which is how she gets ranked). She just had to run her hardest.

She ran hard. I found a spot on the course, close to the end to cheer her one. She ran by as I cheered. Her cheeks were bright, flushed with warmth and exertion. She flashed me a huge smile and she flew by...

She was exhilarated when it was over.

We waited for the results and she was 2nd. She was passed right at the end. It was only the two of them with times under 10 minutes.

She even got to stand up on a "podium" to accept her ribbon. 

And afterwards...we went to Ikea for fish and chips and her favourite: Princess cake. 

And the bonus? For me? I got to spend all day with this girl. Chatting and laughing and singing along  to music on the radio. That means I won, too.

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