Monday, November 11, 2013

Facebook Fabulousness

When you are meeting someone for lunch and their advice is not to eat breakfast because "the food here 
is ridiculous"...that's a great sign. 

Our good friend Holly, whom we rarely see since she moved down to California, works at Facebook. She invited us to meet her at work for lunch. Um, OKAY!

We arrived at noon and signed in TO FACEBOOK to get our id badges and notify Holly of our arrival (seriously, you do it all on was pretty cool). 

Then...we walked into work-world paradise. 

The inside of the campus is designed to look like a quaint Main Street of a small town. Complete with newspaper boxes and a fake road down the middle. Lining the street? Restaurants and bakeries. Dry cleaners and cafes. 

Nice, right? Now, how would you feel if I mentioned it is all FREE?

At the top of Main Street Facebook
There were juice bars and snack bars...cafeterias and ice cream shops. Ridiculous. Just silly.

We stopped in at the Mexican restaurant and filled up our plates, grabbed smoothies and aqua fresco, then sat in the sunshine to eat.

Can I work at FB? Okay, I am not qualified to do anything, but I could really get a lot of use out of that campus....

The kids thought we were at Disneyland.

That's what I'm talking about

Any room for ice cream? Maybe after we grab some pizza. 

Why just have free ice cream and cupcakes? Why not have a candy bar to put on top?

Clearly, this place was designed by children. Or for children. Or maybe just for our family. BECAUSE IT IS PERFECTION.

Don't hold back, guys. Oh, no are already making gluttons of yourselves. Alright then, as you were.

We left with Facebook sweaters.

And a quick visit to Holly's workspace kitchen...because what a hassle it would be to head outside to the full-service restaurants. Just grab everything imaginable and put it right in your office...

How often can you say you visited someone at work and you never wanted to leave?

That happened to us. Facebook, if you are reading this...hire us. We are a nice family and we will do whatever you want. Just feed us and let us live on campus. Please. 

The perfect day was capped off by a great visit with Holly, her husband Craig (and his Tesla, who Eric fell in love with on a test drive around the neighbourhood), and her two gorgeous little girls, Quinn and Wrenn. 

We had a terrific dinner (but seriously, I was still stuffed from lunch...I would just stop eating when I left work every day if I was there. But on the flip side, I wouldn't stop eating while I was, there's that). The kids played and we had some wine. 

It was perfect. 

Old friends are the very best. Especially when they work at Facebook. Huge thanks to Holly for making our stop in San Jose amazing!

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mjk said...

I need a job Les, see what you can do. Did it cross your mind that it was Remebrance Day?