Friday, November 8, 2013

Road Trip!

Our regular November routine has been simple: get out of Vancouver and head for the sun.

For the last couple of years, we've done Florida. This year, we have a few things on our plate and decided that a two week road trip to California was a great alternative. 

We packed up the van, made about forty-five torturous-to-the-kids stops along the way to the border and then we had one errand left. Head south on the I-5. 

First stop: Portland

It isn't sunny, but they do have Powell books and voodoo donuts. So, there's that.

We beelined to Powell's and each of us chose a book. I got "Song for Achilles", Molly got the second in the Benedict series, Finny got "The Candymakers", Lukey got the "Top 100 Hockey Players of All-Time" and Eric got Phil Jackson's autobiography. 

Reading material in hand, it was time to head Voodoo.

We always do the $11.25 dozen that they pick for you. Never a bad thing.

Notice Molly's hand? She couldn't even wait for the picture...
The line up was about 20 minutes.

We still haven't tried the signature voodoo man on the sign. Maybe someday.

There is something wickedly indulgent about killing a whole dozen donuts in one day. But hey, there are five of us and we are on holiday!

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