Sunday, February 9, 2014

E- we're in!

It wasn't horrible but it didn't show too well either. When Les and I bought our first home (to actually live in ourselves) last summer, we pictured a nicer space than the one we were looking at.

How exactly the transformation would come to be was a little less clear. Should we hire a renovation firm, take charge of the work ourselves and sub-contract everything or find a general contractor to head the project for us?

Laminate it hardwood?
Bathtub or create a giant walk-in shower?
Tear down or leave walls?
IKEA or custom kitchen?
Heated floors? What kind of bathroom and kitchen tiles to use?
Remove the popcorn ceiling?
Endless paint colour choices?
Where should we get our appliances from? Induction range?
New blinds?

It's been fun a fun challenge figuring these things out... But I'm glad to be nearing the end.

Our best decision so far has been hiring our contractor and now friend John to head the project. He has made the whole experience 10x far better for us than I could have imagined. He has been leading the project from the beginning while staying responsive to our input where we give it.

John has the skill and expertise to do anything we've asked... with style and a high quality of finish. He has really transformed our home into something nicer than either of us originally pictured.

Our friend Beth has also been a huge help in our quest to get an integrated look that reflects our style...and also is really functional for our family's needs. It's meant so much to have this guidance. Thanks.

Here are some pictures of the home when we bought it. We're not completely finished but have now moved in and are putting the finishing touches on the place. Over the next couple of weeks I'll post pictures of the reno process and the new home to remind us of all the changes we've gone through.

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