Friday, August 29, 2014

It's Lynden Time

I notice as I write these summer blogs that a big part of our summer season is repetition of traditions. We, apparently, really like doing the same stuff over and over. Well, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. 

Unfortunately, none of the McTaggarts were able to join us this year. We missed them, but powered on anyway. Turns out we can rock the fair all on our own. 

Mind you, who can't have fun with baby calves sporting wicked underbites? Right? No, seriously, look at those little cows...

You may notice an absence of Eric in these pictures. ERIC. DOES. NOT. ATTEND. FAIRS. He doesn't like the animals, or the crowds...or, actually, much of anything you find at fairs.

Lukey is all about the animals, though. Here he is petting a newborn piglet:

We toured each and every little booth (except a couple of the Tea Party/Republican ones...). There were a lot of disappointed faces when people asked the kids if they were local (as they handed out branded pencils for their karate studio). Uh, no. Not really local AT ALL.

But that's alright, we can still cheer for the Seahawks.

And we can pose (complete with fearful faces) in the back of the Customs and Border Protection paddy wagon. Interestingly, Molly looks like she just got busted for some misdemeanour and she is hoping to talk her way out of it. Lukey looks totally guilty of something significant. And Finny looks like she will go down for something major, but she's not giving up anything.

Finny loved this minion hat...I should try to find a pattern for this. It's so cute. And perfect for our little Finion.

Next stop was for food. Again, traditions. We always get the french fry loaf. Don't know what a french fry loaf is?

There it is:

Of course, everyone just wants to hear about the vegetables. Who won best "Vegetable Oddity" (no, seriously) or "Largest Squash". Now that's a nice...squash...

We took our requisite picture with the wooden cow and the plastic milk.

Lukey was very focused on the milking. I have no idea how he did. He might not have gotten out a single drop. But he was very into it.

The girls battled it out against each other. Finny won.

Molly might have just been a little too gentle, just in case she could hurt the cow. Although, she looks determined in this picture.

My American Gothics:

Next step was the requisite Moo-wich. These things are unbelievable. They are all handmade by the Dairy Women of Whatcom County. They really are handmade. All different. Some are pretty small. Some are stacked.

Look at the wedge of ice cream Finny got!

Molly and Finny managed to finish their whole Moo-wich. Slow and steady.

Lukey wasn't even close.

The highlight of the fair for us was a break with tradition. We have never attended a hypnotism show. But what a show. It was hilarious and amazing and provoked A LOT of questions. I had never seen a hypnotist either. I was pretty darn sceptical, but I left feeling convinced. And...I left with the kids (girls especially) asking if there was some sort of after-school program for teaching hypnotism. I see lots of "at the sound of my voice, the sound of my voice, you will give me extra dessert" in my future.

Never one to let a day filled with fair fun well enough alone, I drove the kids straight to Eric's firehall to have dessert with his crew. And then...since the night was still young, we headed to Starry Nights at Deas Island. What an amazing evening they put on. It was really tough to get good photos, but there were so many crafts and the candle lit paths through the park were spectacular. But my favourite part was the wishing on a star. The kids could write a wish on a star and then a fairy granted it as she put it in the "sky".

Molly wished for a happy life. Lukey wished to be an NHL goalie. And Finny wished for Shack to have a good time in heaven (which would also have been Molly's wish if Finny hadn't already taken it).

The lady with the wand had the best gig ever. How much fun would that be?

It was a packed day/night, but that's what summer is all about. It may be repetitive. It may be predictable. But gosh it's fun. So I guess we will keep doing it all year after year. If we are lucky.

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