Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bid Adieu to 2014

It was a great year. Really great. At the end of the year, I sort of imagine a scale. I have been so very lucky in my life. The balance has always rested on the side of good. Or better. This last year was no different. Health, happiness, growth and much love. What more can one ask for..? 

We didn't have as much time in Point Roberts this Christmas as we have in years past. Partly due to PJ and Julie's wedding (what a great reason) and partly due to other circumstances, but it meant we didn't have quite as much of the scene below as other years. 

Maybe that made me appreciate what we had a little more...

The beanbag chair crew
We had a spectacular New Year's Eve feast at our place in town with the McTaggarts. It is one of my favourite nights of the year. Great food, better company. The perfect way to usher out the old and welcome in the new.

This year was made extra special, thanks to the amazing gift of...a fireplace lamp for my dad. A long story, but a funny one.

2014 Year End Quiz

  1. Name three Taylor Swift songs.
  2. What three Air Malaysia flight issues occurred this year? Bonus points of being specific.
  3. What moving object did NASA land a probe on this year?
  4. Write any lyric from “Let it Go” (other than the title lyric…!) from the movie Frozen. Bonus: What are the names of the two sisters in the movie.
  5. Winner of the World Cup.
  6. Winner of 2014 Best Picture Oscar.
  7. What company bought Tim Horton’s this year?
  8. What Raven’s running back was reinstated by the NFL?
  9. Number one box office hit this year?
  10. What big referendum was held in Europe this year with a massive turn out?
  11. What country did Canada beat to win gold at Sochi?
  12. What two teams played in the Grey Cup?
  13. Name as many books as you can from Canada Reads.
  14. What country is Iggy Azalea from? Finish this lyric: I’m in the fast lane, from ____”
  15. Name two new features on the iPhone 6.
  16. What disease caused concern in Africa? Bonus: How many people had it in the US?
  17. What chilly trend hit Facebook (and the whole world) hard and what charity did the money raise money for?
  18. What Ocean’s 11 actor got married in Italy this year?
  19. What is Serial? Bonus: First and last name of one of the main characters.
  20. How many of Canada’s 7 NHL teams fired their coach this year?
  21. What’s the Toronto Raptors new slogan?
  22. Name one contestant from this year’s Dancing with the Stars
  23. Name three famous people who died this year.
  24. What South African with no legs was on trial this year for murder? Bonus: Name his girlfriend.
  25. Who consciously uncoupled this year?
  26. What picture tried to “break the internet”?

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