Wednesday, December 10, 2014

E- Phoenix sun

Lukey and I had a fantastic boys trip. We golfed lots.  Well, Lukey and Ed golfed 4 times, and I just made it out once.  We saw 3 movies (Big Hero 6, Dumb and Dumber too, Alexander and the Horrible, Terrible, Good for Nothing Day) with bottomless popcorn and drinks.

We had great burgers at Red Robbins, In-N-Out and more. We went go-karting where Lukey was agonizingly close to being able to drive his own cart. We even tried stuffing paper in his shoes, to no avail. Bumper boating, pellet gun shooting, moped riding, cruising in the Corvair with the top down, and lots more. We saw the Coyotes play...and were 5th row ( and in the all-you-can-eat Blue Moon Club) for the Phoenix Suns defeating the Brooklyn Nets. And every day, we played soccer in the sun. Lots and lots of soccer.

It was great hanging out with Lukey...just the two of us...or three when Ed could join us. It was a fantastic 5 days, that felt a lot longer than a normal week.

We even got a little business done by meeting our new property managers and checking out our homes. Lukey and I had a few conversations about investing and finances, trying to piece together why we own homes so far from where we live.

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