Tuesday, September 1, 2015


We never label posts "Downtime"...mostly because we don't have very much. The summer felt full. Between basketball camps, two trips of nine days away for Lukey (the Chilcotin at the start of the summer and Southern California in the middle), sleep away camp for Finny, a trip to the Sunshine Coast, trip to Whistler, and our early summer boat trip to Seattle...we weren't exactly twiddling our thumbs much.

That said, we have had some really nice evenings at my parents' cabin with sunsets, henna sessions and waaaaay too much Disney Channel (man, do I ever hate that junk).

Here's a shot of the kids playing the most ridiculous game ever: Quelf. That's Kate who had to wear the helmet and hold a spatula for the whole time. And apparently Lukey didn't enjoy me taking that picture...

And a quick sunset shot on mom and dad's deck:

It's been a great summer. Back to school in exactly one week. 

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