Thursday, October 29, 2015


Sometimes as a family, we just kill Halloween...homemade costumes and atmospheric trips to rural pumpkin patches. Sometimes Halloween kills us. Last minute costumes and nary a pumpkin to be found. Guess which one we had this year..?

No one seemed to know what they wanted to be to dress up. And our weekends were too busy for pumpkin patches (and they didn't stay open on weekday afternoon/evenings).

So, in a last ditch effort to do something considered "Fall Fun", we headed out to Burnaby Village Museum for their Haunted Village on a VERY, VERY rainy evening. These little troopers and I trudged around the spooky village and collected some candy, rode the carousel and admired the gorgeous decorations.

We got very wet. We weren't dressed up. We never did get pumpkins. But we did succeed in finding some fall fun after all.

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