Monday, November 2, 2015

Grusome Moo and Halloween 2015

I picked Molly up from school on Friday (Halloween) and found that she had used herself as a canvas in Art Class. Using paper towels and Modge Podge, she'd created a massive faux wound on her hand.


She took a picture (see above) and sent it to Eric, Finny and Lukey and then waited for the their concerned texts to pile in.

She got nothing.

So, she decided to try again and up the impact with her face in the picture...

Still nothing. Either her ruse wasn't as convincing as she thought or else no one cared that she had apparently impaled herself disastrously.

We never did hear from them. When she got home, she gave them a very hard time for the lack of concern from her family.

All three kids went in costumes to school on Friday...but not one of them wore the same costume the next day for actual Halloween. Molly was a spooky lady, Finny was a sugar skull and Lukey wore Eric's old man mask (which Eric has decided he no longer needs as his regular face is approaching the same effect [which I don't agree with...he gets more handsome as he ages]).

On Friday night, we picked up Lukey's buddy Mattie and drove up to Whistler for a night staying with Pat and Jeff (a huge highlight for the kids...they love Pat and Jeff) before an early morning hockey game for Lukey.

After a great win (and a great game in goal for Lukey) and a delicious snack of PureBread, we headed back to Vancouver and straight to the Arbutus Club for their Halloween party in the gym.

Then home to put our costumes on and head out for trick or treating. Lukey was a Canucks Green Man, Finny was Nastasha Wodak (a professional Canadian runner).

We hit up Douglas Park with the Forsyths, False Creek Co-op and then my parents' neighbourhood before heading to mom and dad's for dinner and candy sorting. 

Another one for the books.

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